AADYAS Junior College Hyderabad– Trusted and Best Junior College In Hyderabad. Aadyas Academy is one of the leading Intermediate and Junior College in Hyderabad. We aim to provide a stress-free education, backed by a group of eminent people who had pursued their education from top ranking universities in India, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Aadya Junior College is a recognized Junior College, registered with the Board of Intermediate, Government of Telangana, offers MPC, BiPC, MEC, HEC, and CEC with combination of

  • MPC with Engineering Entrance Exam, MPC with Design Entrance Exam , MPC with Architecture Entrance Exam.
  • MEC with Law Entrance Exam, MEC with Management Entrance Exam, MEC with Design Entrance Exam, MEC with Hotel Management Entrance Exam, MEC With CA Foundation.
  • HEC with Design Entrance Exam, HEC with Law Entrance Exam, HEC with Management Entrance Exam, HEC with Hotel Management Entrance Exam.
  • CEC with Law Entrance Exam, CEC with Management Entrance Exam, CEC with Hotel Management Entrance Exam, CEC with CA Foundation.

MPC Intermediate Course

Aadya Junior College is a recognised Junior College that offers MPC with Engineering Entrance Exam, MPC with Design Entrance Exam, and MPC with Architecture Entrance Exam. It is registered with the Board of Intermediate, Government of Telangana.

At Aadya, we help students develop a strong conceptual understanding of Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, and Vectors, which is essential for success in more difficult subjects like Calculus. Our grade 8th – 10th curriculum assists students in developing the strong foundation required for success in both school and competitive exams such as the JEE.

If you’ve always imagined yourself as a creative person with a keen sense of design and detail, Aadyas’s two-year integrated Design program could be just what you’re searching for. Our uniquely tailored curriculum is designed to pique students’ interest, foster creativity, and introduce them to a variety of creative expressions.Engineering is one of the best career options, if you belong to MPC. After qualifying entrance exams like IIT/ JEE/ BITSAT/ VITEEE/ EAMCET, you can take admitted to several colleges across the country.

Thus, if you are someone who is looking to pursue a career in engineering, Aadyas’s MPC along with preparation for engineering entrance exams could be the key to a successful career.

MEC Intermediate Course

This combination of Mathematics, Economics, and Commerce (MEC) along with CLAT, BBA, and other coaching is designed for students who want to pursue a variety of careers such as Law, Management, Hotel Management, and CA Foundation. This combination will prepare them for multiple entrances at once, offering them a broad bouquet of options. This curriculum thoroughly covers all of the topics required for National Level Entrance Examinations with Intermediate MEC.

HEC Intermediate Course

If you have always thought of yourself as someone creative with an eye for detail and style but you don’t like working with numbers, then Aadya two year integrated HEC-Design program might be just what you are looking for. At Aadya, students are trained in the requirement simultaneously.

This combination of History, Economics, & Civics (HEC) along with coaching for Design, Law Entrance, Management, Hotel Management has specific focus on Creative ability, General ability, Design aptitude, Perception, Logic, Studio test and Portfolio review which will prepare students to successful clear UCEED, NID, NIFT CLAT, LSAT IPMAT, UGAT and Other Management Entrance Exam and other related entrance exams and get admission into premier colleges. This program extensively covers all the areas required for National Level Entrance Examinations with Intermediate HEC.

CEC Intermediate Course

CEC is a diverse group that includes commerce, economics alongside civics. Since it is a diverse group you’ll get to study contemporary-day accountancy with basics, so that it will be useful in further studies like B.Com (General/Computers), BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration), BBM (Bachelor of Business Management) etc. It also consists of civics, you can also understand political sciences, public management, and write civil service examinations. CEC is an excellent choice and after CEC students can be part of graduating courses and later do MBA (Master of Business Administration) which is likewise very popular and whose candidates are recruited like hotcakes around the world The combination of CEC along with Law, Management, Hotel Management, CA Foundation coaching is meant for students who wish to pursue a Bright Future.

Aadya assists students in preparing for exams IPMAT, UGAT NCHM ,JEE, AIHM CLAT, LSAT Other LAW Entrance Exam. We also train for Elocution, Floor crossing with Debates, Group Discussions and Interview Skill.

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