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  • All Careers like Civils foundation, Architecture, Design, Law, Management, Hotel Management, C A and Engineering under one roof.
  • Conceptual learning with weekly testing.
  • Visit to Sriharikota : We are proud to be associated with Dr.Prasad Rao Pasam, Founder and CEO of Space Aviation Tourism (OPC) Pvt Ltd. Dr.Pasam is Alumni of Space Central School, Sriharikota. Our students will have the privilege of visiting on education tour to ISRO's rocket launching station at Sriharikota, NASA, and other Space Agencies across the World. Also Stock Exchange, IITs and other premiere institutes in the fields of Law,Management, Design ect.
  • Summer school camps @ Harward, MIT and Oxford ect…
  • SAT preparation and Admissions in Collaboration with International Universities.
  • Workshops by Anant. Kasibhatla, World’s youngest national champion title winner. With 26 years of professional experience in the field. Holds a Indian record for memory – Limca Book record – Uncontested ( Not Broken ) for last 2 Decades. Corporate trainer for fortune 500 companies
  • Exposure to AI and advanced level of Computer languages like C , C +, JAVA, PYTHON etc…
  • Design Studio
  • YOGA and Art of living Classes
  • Sculpting / Model Making Arena.
  • Finishing School
  • Sports and Games Room / Annual Sports meet
  • Workshops on India’s Rich Culture, Heritage and Temple Architecture.

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