Aadyas Academy is one of the leading Intermediate and Junior College in Hyderabad. We aim to provide a stress-free education, backed by a group of eminent people who had pursued their education from top ranking universities in India, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Top Reasons to Choose Aadyas Junior College, Best junior colleges in Hyderabad:

When you consider going to college, you want to take advantage of all the courses, extracurricular activities, and other opportunities college offers. Have you ever thought about what makes this experience so special? As was previously noted, selecting a college that checks off every item on your checklist may seem challenging, but it is not impossible. Aadyas Junior College tops the list when it comes to brilliance and quality. It enhances your educational experience and provides a springboard for achievement, among other things.

The following are some of the most important reasons for choosing Aadyas Junior College, Hyderabad, as your intermediate college.

Innovative Infrastructure

For students to succeed and develop, Aadyas Junior College provides some of the best facilities. You can benefit from a great location, modernized classrooms, and well-stocked laboratories. In order to provide the greatest environment for students, there are also well-equipped libraries, sports facilities, conference spaces, and AV rooms.

Reputed and Experienced Faculty

Picking reputable, knowledgeable faculty members is the best way to find the perfect people to nurture and teach fresh talent. The brightest brains are always work at Aadyas Junior College, striving to provide their student with the best learning and education attainable.

Top Ranking College

Being one of the top-ranked intermediate colleges in Hyderabad gives Aadyas Junior College an edge. The college’s programmes, students, professors, and all other participants put out their best efforts in order to take the top spot in the education sector.

Aadyas Program Plus

In order to expose students to profession-related courses, Aadyas Junior College offers a number of career enrichment programs. It aims to inspire students to pursue their passions or find out more about careers in that industry. You can learn from subject-matter experts who are currently in reality. You can develop in your career by acquiring professional training.

Aadyas Junior College is a recognized Junior College, registered with the Board of Intermediate, Government of Telangana, offers MPC, BiPC, MEC, HEC, and CEC with combination of

  • MPC with Engineering Entrance Exam, MPC with Design Entrance Exam , MPC with Architecture Entrance Exam.
  • MEC with Law Entrance Exam, MEC with Management Entrance Exam, MEC with Design Entrance Exam, MEC with Hotel Management Entrance Exam, MEC With CA Foundation.
  • HEC with Design Entrance Exam, HEC with Law Entrance Exam, HEC with Management Entrance Exam, HEC with Hotel Management Entrance Exam.
  • CEC with Law Entrance Exam, CEC with Management Entrance Exam, CEC with Hotel Management Entrance Exam, CEC with CA Foundation.

Vibrant and Inclusive Environment

At Aadyas Junior College, you’ll discover a welcoming, vibrant, and pleasant environment. Student groups, extracurricular activities, business workshops, and presentations provide an effective blend that pushes students to succeed at every turn.

Aadyas Junior College is what it is due to all of these factors! To build our Academy as a revered teaching and research institution by close participation of Parents, Students and our Team members.

Extracurricular Activities

Aadyas Junior College supports all of the students’ interests and hobbies, whether they are in sports, theatre, or other activities. The campus’s built-in arenas make it possible for students to engage around shared interests.


Making the best of your college experience is important because it only happens once in your life. Beyond the numerous advantages already mentioned, Aadyas Junior College can serve as your guide, allowing you to make intelligent selections. Aadyas Junior College is made up of a variety of programmes, carefully chosen instructors with a depth of knowledge, and a welcoming atmosphere that accommodates every student. Here is a glance at what life would be like in college.

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